"Boya de la Esmeralda"

Symbol marks the place where you will find the glorious sunken "Esmeralda" event happened on May 21, 1879 in the famous "Battle of Iquique."Departs: Pier passenger side of the Maritime Authority

"Historical Centre of Iquique"

Buildings with beautiful architecture of the late 19th century and early 20th century and was declared a national heritage. Many of these buildings are in Baquedano Street, being the Astoreca Palace, the former quartermaster and ending at Plaza Prat, where the typical beautiful town clock.Avenida Baquedano, City Centre.

Mall "Zofri"

Zone Mall very convenient for tourists prices. It also has a food court and services like money exchange, post office, internet, call centers.

Mall "Las Americas"

Business Centre located in the south central area of ??Iquique, easily accessible, has great shops, food court and 6 Cinemark theaters.Avda de la Concepción Heroes 2555


"Saltpeter Mines, Mamiña Spa, La Tirana, Pisagua, Gigante de Atacama"There is a variety of tours to rural areas of the city, areas important both for its history and religion.Browse by tour operators.